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About this website

Please think of this website as a toolbox—a toolbox I'm sharing with you.

Over the past 30 years I've been gathering information, tricks, tips, insights, tools, my closet... let's just say I've got piles. 

So now, I'm putting them here, for you!

Rummage around. Use what you want. If you've got stuff to add to the pile, please let me know. If you need help using these things... Just let me know!

Have fun!       You have a great life!       Explore it!


About the person behind this website

I teach meditation, stress reduction, emotion & behavior regulation, and I help people sleep better.

My name is Anna.

See that hill in that photo? A year after this photo was taken, in that exact same spot (or not), I lost a glove, one of a pair of Isotoner gloves I got from my grandma Anna. She gave it to me when I was in High School. That was a long time ago and a world far far away (Boston, 1980s). It was also the exact same color as that red dirt... so now I still have one glove. 

I sing opera, yodel, or scat to my husband and our pets as I cook dinner every night. (Hear some here.) I also make art (see some here) and I like to write.

I started the first drug and alcohol awareness class in a public high school in America (according to the school's secretary...and school secretaries don't lie.) That was also a long time ago in a place far far away.

I have University degrees in Philosophy and Anthropology. I've got a pile of cool clinical hypnotherapist certificates...I'll show you, if you want.) And, yeah, I studied Zen with Genpo Roshi, Yamakawa Roshi, and Sasaki Roshi. Still studying.

I've got a wonderful, and very tolerant, husband and two gorgeous super-smart step-daughters.

Pickles are ok. Just ok. 

What I really love is diving into people's minds with them and helping them find new ways. I guess you could call me a spiritual spelunker.

So now tell me a little about yourself, if you want.