Tap into the wisdom within yourself.

One-on-one sessions will guide you deep into your subconscious mind to find the keys to unlocking mysteries, and the power to break the blocks holding you back.

Emotional control. Confidence. Personal power. Problem solving. Health. Retirement. Success. Decisions. Creativity. Peace. Health. Relationships. Strength. Happiness. And more...

How to:


Here are the usual steps to setting up our first appointment:


  1. Fill in the contact form            --------------------->

  2. Let’s schedule. Do you have 2-hours when (and where) you won’t be interrupted? I recommend avoiding lunch-time, if possible. Let me know what works for you and we’ll schedule!

  3. Let me know the nature of the issue you want to address, if you want. Reviewing background info/ideas are always helpful, not only for me but maybe for you, too. It’s not uncommon for clients to not have an issue in mind, and are just wanting to dive deep into their subconscious mind, for whatever reason. You can do this via email or we can do it over the phone/Zoom/Skype/FB messenger/Facetime….