How to Meditate: 3 basic styles

Updated: Mar 24

Learn how to meditate for mental and physical health. It's probably easier (and more fun) than you think!

But first, what IS meditation?

Meditation is the act of giving yourself the opportunity to go inside yourself and

  • visit,

  • explore, or

  • simply experience what it’s like to be you.

The dictionary’s definition of meditating is:


gerund or present participle of meditate, which is:

  1. think deeply or focus one's mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation. "I set aside time every day to write and meditate"

  2. think deeply or carefully about (something).

Yeah, that all works...except for let's just say:

Meditation is the act of giving yourself the opportunity to experience what it’s like, and sometimes what it IS, to be you.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  • Visit

  • Explore

  • Simply Experience

Meditation can be very relaxing, but falling asleep is NOT meditation because meditation is an activity in which you use your is not the complete relinquishment of your mind... well, Zen can be... but in Zen you are totally awake...though your body could fall asleep... Your body can fall asleep in Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy too, and that's another case in which your body is asleep but your mind is still wide awake—which feels totally weird. But Zen and Guided Meditation are totally different. Guided meditation and hypnotherapy have goals while Zen does not. See how tricky this can be to explain? LOL. That's why you just have to experience each type of meditation for yourself!

OK, here is the breakdown of the different styles of meditation and how you can do them.

  • Visit

  • Explore

  • Simply Experience


Visit what it’s like to be you.

This is Mindfulness.

Practicing Mindfulness, you experience your awareness of your physical environment and/or your mental environment.

How to practice Mindfulness Meditation

Take time to Notice.

Notice what is happening physically, mentally or emotionally.

To do:

  • Take moments during the day to notice. For example, notice what your breathing is like. Notice how fast it is. Notice what it feels like. Notice what it sounds like. Are there smells? Notice that the smells are like.

  • The longer you do this, the more relaxed and aware you'll become.