How to Meditate: Sitting Still

Updated: Mar 26

Why would anyone take time to sit still and be quiet?

Think of it as a nervous system flush. If you’ve ever been to a cabin, or any apartment or house that hasn’t had the plumbing turned on for a while, well, you know you need to just let the taps run for a couple of minutes to flush out all the deposits that have accumulated in the unused pipes. But in our case, our pipes are overused. I think a better analogy is a filter—like your laundry dryer’s filter, or your aquarium’s filter, or your air filter...or any kind of filter… all filters need to be cleaned out. Your nervous system, and your whole body, is a filter!

Sitting still and quiet and alert lets your nervous system open and flow, relax and release all tensions and toxins.

In doing this, you literally are flushing toxins out of your body. You are clearing and cleansing your circulating information-and-energy system.

After sitting still, especially if you make it a daily practice, you will

  • Think more clearly

  • Have better emotional regulation

  • Sleep better

  • Feel calmer throughout the day

And, I guarantee that even if you don’t notice these changes in yourself, people around you will.



Find a place, a physical position, and take time to relax and ...Just sit still.


Whenever you can fit in 5 minutes or more. I recommend working up to at least 25 minutes.


If you get the wiggles take a minute stand and stretch if you can and “shake it out!”

Then sit still again. And if you feel like you want to have the wiggles again, just ask yourself why… “Why do I feel the urge to wiggle?” Just notice the urge and let it pass. If you need to shake again, shake.

With practice you will be able to sit still and have more control over your wiggles, your mind and emotions, and your whole nervous system.

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Here are some videos to get you started: