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You can use your meditation for creativity and problem solving. I often do.


Each morning I sit for 2 hours.* Some of that time is in super-speedy problem-solving mode (with pen and paper nearby). And part of that time is in deep relaxation. Actually, both modes (brainstorming & deep relaxation) go hand in hand. I did not invent that....technically, formally, it's called "koan** practice".


During meditation, the mind is free to flow...without the physical realm to make too big of a speed bump. In the physical world, our actions happen slower than the mind, we make technical mistakes, we get tripped up and tied up in ... I'll say it...the dopamine trigger of certain activities (FB, for example, while using it to "research", for example....) . But during meditation, the mind can think and problem-solve a mile-a-minute.

Meditation is not only the most productive part of my day—it makes my whole day much more productive!

*You don't need to sit that long to get the benefits.

**koan is pronounced KO-ahn. (I didn't find out until my 20's, and after many rhyming poems that need editing.)


How do YOU meditate?

Do you multitask during your meditation?

Please let us know by commenting below!

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