Set the tone for the night, and your sleep

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Prepare for sleep by not getting your nervous system over activated with news, intense conversations, thought-provoking media.

Ingest thought-provoking material earlier in the day/evening so that you can have a wind-down phase and transition to sleep. In sleep, especially REM, you'll be able to sort through and figure out the important information you've gathered throughout the day.

If you can, start preparing for sleep hours before you even think of it by doing activities that relax you and get your mind off of responsibilities. An evening stroll, a movie or book or music or any art form, a delicious meal, or a delightful time with friends are all great after-work activities.


Right before bed

• Take a moment to feel proud of yourself. Reflect on all the great things you did during the day, and what a good person you are.

• Practice having happy, good thoughts, especially towards yourself...but also towards others.

• Feel grateful, appreciative, and wish compassion to others—the people in your life, and beyond! Call it "saying your prayers" if you will.


The subconscious mind is activated as we relax—and it wants to problem-solve. Letting it relax for a few hours before bed gives it time to shift gears, and even solve some mysteries, and problems, as your analytical mind is diverted with pleasures (diversions). When we don't give ourselves time to wind down, guess what?—the subconscious mind starts sifting through the unsolved business of the day, the analytical mind gets involved, and then it's difficult to fall asleep.


Have you done this? How has it worked for you?

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